My passion for travels started a few years ago when I felt the urge of seeing another part of the world, meeting new people, learning a new language and expressing myself differently. Life in Mauritius can be fantastic, but at times we can feel like we need something more, especially when we love discovering the beauties of the world and the mysterious opportunities it offers. But still, sometimes we need to take some time away, just to breathe and let our ourselves go.

Travelling around Europe can change our perspective of life if we are more of a free spirit. I am not afraid of taking challenges, to disrupt my daily routines, to say that I am not aware of what is happening and that I want to open my soul to an infinite world. My love for being a solo traveler has never been so intense when I have been travelling.

As much as I am passionate about travels, I feel deep love for writing. Let words flow through my mind is a way of focusing on the beautiful side of life.