Beautiful small town located in Plaine Wilhems, Beau-Bassin is the place where I grew up and where my heart still belongs. What can this nice place offer you during your holidays?

While more than a million tourists visit the small island of Mauritius every year, just a handful of them decide to explore Beau-Bassin. This small town surrounded by fruit trees, flowers, residential areas and restaurants has a rich history dating back to the French occupation.

Along with Rose-Hill, Beau-Bassin is full of places of interest such as Cascadelle viewpoint, Balfour garden, Le Thabor, the Beau-Bassin market, Serge Alfred municipal pool, the Chebel crematorium, the Masjid Al Moufaruddeen, Tulsi Sham Mandir, the Anglican Church of Saint Thomas and Roman Catholic church of Sacré-Coeur which was built in the 1800s.

If you like street food, hence cheap food, this is the place to be. You have a great choice for various types of cuisine, e.g, Royal Choice is a restaurant specialized in Chinese cuisine, Arabesque if you wish to try Egyptian food, Mani In Pasta if you love Italian specialities or 3 Peppers for Indian food.

There are 3 hypermarkets in Beau-Bassin, Jumbo Express, Tang Way and Intermart. These three places are convenient if you wish to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries as well as other regular stuffs that you can find in any supermarket worldwide. Shopping is not something highly recommended in Beau-Bassin as the shops are not very interesting. If you are looking forward to buying cheap local swimwear before going to the seaside, you can try Beachwear, an outlet located in Coromandel.

Are you are looking for a Taxi in Beau-Bassin? Today must be your lucky day! Prices may vary, but the taxi drivers all offer good prices. To take a taxi, you just need to go to the center, near the Police Station and the Post-Office. In this small town, there are also several bus stops all along the main street, Royal Road, so you can catch buses very easily. Car rental services are also available in Beau-Bassin.

All accomodations are quite cheap in Beau-Bassin, you can book some low-cost hostels or appartment and housesLa Maison Coignet is a beautiful bed and breakfast at a mid-range budget with Jumbo Express nearby, a bus stop just in front and food corners everywhere.

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