Located between Grand Bay and Pointe aux Cannoniers, Pereybère is a beautiful coastal village that you can hardly miss when you are on vacations in the Northern part of Mauritius. With its centralized location, various types of accommodations, restaurants, watersports companies and boutiques nearby, this place is a gem for tourists. Immerse deeply in the world of Mauritian Beach Food in this fantastic coastal area.

Pereybère: Eat Gato Pima for breakfast

What do you think of starting your vacations with a great breakfast costing less than Rs 50? An unforgettable boost early in the morning by experiencing an authentic Mauritian breakfast on the street might be the exciting morning discovery that you are waiting for. If you are staying in a self-catering accommodation, buy the traditional hot chilly bites, gato pima that you can buy with fresh bread and butter on the beach.

This chilly snack is composed of yellow split peas, seasoned with spring onion and sliced green chilies. In Mauritius, this type of breakfast is typically appreciated with a cup of tea or coffee and accompanied with fresh local fruits. If you are an adventurous type of person, you can also take a bite other types of fritters gato frire usually available made with a batter and bread, brinjal, potato fresh chili and onion. The choice of beach food is yours!

Do you feel like it’s too hot at 10 a.m. in Pereybère?

What about coconut milk, fresh juice, syrup or ice cream to quench your thirst? You will have only one word out of your mouth after trying one of these: “Delicious!”. Better, you can indulge yourself with another staple food of Mauritius which is glaçon rapé. This is literally an ice lolly served with different types of colored syrups. Children usually enjoy this sherbet and adults never refuse to try it!

Else, you can try the Mauritian Milkshake called Alouda. This is a sweet drink composed of milk, basil seeds, agar-agar and flavored syrup. You will surely find it amazing to drink on a hot summer day. If you are not that thirsty and just feel greedy, try fresh fruits salad that you can enjoy with tamarind sauce, chilly and salt or just natural. Yummy!

Three things you can be sure of when you are on vacations in Mauritius:

  • you will never die of thirst in Pereybère
  • you will be trying this rainbow lolly at least once during your holidays in this paradise island!
  • the beverages mentioned previously cost approximately Rs 15 – Rs 50
  • An unconventional combo for lunchtime

Sino-Mauritian dishes

You might have heard of Mauritian fusion cuisine, but did you have the chance to immerse deep within this world of flavors and pleasure? Bol renversé on the beach bought in a vintage caravan with a very friendly owner, what else do you need today? Boulettes? These local dumplings are so tasty served in several ways and in various combinations.

Bol renversé

Kiosque Magique right on the beach offers mine frit which is the Mauritian version of Asian fried noodles, fried rice, grilled seafood and so many fabulous meals that you should absolutely try. You can taste the wide range of dishes from Mauritius at very low costs along Pereybère’s coast. We can say that this beach food stall serves incredible food at a perfect location in a price range of Rs 100 – Rs 300!

Indo-Mauritian meals just for you

Dhall Puri is a soft flat bread which is made and stuffed with cooked split peas. It is usually served rolled up, with scrumptious rougaille sauce or any other type of sauce depending on the vendor. Quite like dhall puri, roti or farata is also a flat bread, but this time made with normal wheat flour. It is soft and savory and served with the same type of sauces. The roti and dhall puri are quite cheap (Rs 13 – Rs 25) and form part of the most popular treats in Mauritius.

The Muslims staple food in Mauritius

The Mauritian Biryani (Briani) dates to the Mughal Empire and has a rich culinary history. However, it essentially comes from the Hyderabadi gastronomy. The complexity and the skill required to cook, prepare, and serve this food turns it into one of the finest dishes in Mauritius. Briani, which is a traditional Muslim dish for special occasions in Mauritius, has become extremely popular.

This exquisite dish costing Rs 100 – Rs 200 cuts across the ethnic and cultural spheres across the island. This excellent meal goes to the credit of the Bhandaris also known as lascar seamen who have been working as cooks on ships. They succeeded in spreading the tradition of Briani all over the island.

We all heard about the Kebab at least once in our life. In Mauritius, the version of this Middle Eastern cuisine is quite simple and of course, delicious. These layers of stacked marinated chicken slowly barbecuing in a rotisserie literally stimulate our senses. While waiting for your sandwich, you can watch your food roasting and the merchant meticulously slicing those big chunks of meat off the rotisserie.

Best Kebab is 3 mins away from Pereybère by bus and has very nice meals to propose, especially Kebab. The positive aspect of this beach food stall is that the staff walks all along the beach doing active sales. Hence, you can order right from your favorite spot under the shade of a tree. If you feel lazy, you just need to stay in your cozy place to order and will also have the option of paying right where you are.

Creole (Kreol) authentic Food

The Rougaille

Simple, versatile and tasty! The rougaille is a Kreol specialty and staple dish for many Mauritian families served at La Cabane du Pecheur! Simple because it takes less than 10 minutes to cook and versatile as you may add beef, fish, prawns, chicken, sausages, lamb or simply vegetables. For an even better taste, a rougaille can be improved with very tasty onions, tomatoes, pepper or coriander.

Mauritian Vegetable Pickles (Achard)

Served cold, a vegetable achard can be eaten as a side dish with rice or, frequently as filling in French baguette. Finely chopped vegetables (long beans, carrots, cabbage) are cooked in vegetable oil, ginger, onions, fresh chili, salt, vinegar and pepper. To give a yellow texture to this peculiar dish, saffron and mustard seeds are added. Just ask the vendor if he can add achard to your meal when you buy food on the beach!

You will undoubtedly feel like a local after spending a few days in trying the low-cost options and staying in treastastic accommodations in Pereybère!

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